Our Mission And Vision

Our Mission

“Vidhya Sarva Vikasaya”

(Education For Holistic Development)

School Pledge

We The Student And The Staff Of Alpha Beta School Pledge To Abide By The\r\n Rules And Regulations Of The Institute, To Respect All Human Beings, \r\nto  Faster Brotherhood, To Accomplish Our Goals With Honesty And \r\nsincerity And To Upload The Unity And Integrity Of Our Nation.


Alpha Beta School Will Be A Centre For Excellence In Education, Stressing Upon The Simentaneous Development Of Spirit, Mind And Body. In Keeping With The Rich Cultural And Diverse Heritage Of India It Will Ensure That There Is No Discrimination Due To Cast, Creed And Economic Means Or Any Other From Of Human Deprivation. It Will Endeavor To Create Compassionate, Responcible And Innovative Students Committed To Change And Progress In The Development Of India And The Globe And Preserve The Natural Environment Of The School.